Articles from The Doctor’s Note

  • Living and Learning with Fibromyalgia
    “Improvidus , apto, quod victum.” Improvise, adapt, overcome.  I’ll bet that when you were diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you didn’t expect you would be living according to the unofficial motto of the US Marine Corp.  But before too long, you will be, because you must if you want to enjoy your life, not just endure it. ... Read More
  • Chronic Pain Care
    Chronic Pain Sometimes Takes Over But We Can Help If you live with chronic pain, you know how it can take over your life.  To make things even more challenging, it may seem as though the medications you take add more problems than they solve. We can help.  Natural health care offers effective treatments for... Read More
  • If you think you have…
    Chronic pain and fatigue are hallmark symptoms for conditions such as CFS, ME, SLE and fibromyalgia.  Unfortunately, they are also prominent symptoms for many, many other illnesses. If you think you have something going on with your health, don’t rely on Dr. Google to make the diagnosis. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss... Read More
  • If you’ve just been diagnosed…
    The first thing you need to accept about your condition is that it is more like a marathon than a sprint. You cannot manage it all on your own and you will need to do things at your own pace. Subject to the limitations of your energy and concentration, learn everything you can about your... Read More
  • Finding the Right Treatment
    There are a bewildering number of treatment options for people living with chronic pain and fatigue.  That’s both good news, and bad. It’s wonderful to have choice, especially since research and clinical experience have shown not all treatments work for each individual.  What’s bad about it? Some treatments won’t be effective for anyone, and as a... Read More
  • Getting Started
    Maybe you’ve just been diagnosed, or perhaps you have known your diagnosis for some time but are not satisfied with the results of your treatment.  Either way, you probably have questions about what’s next.  If you think you have…  If you’ve just been diagnosed…  If you’re looking for treatment alternatives…  If you’re trying to provide... Read More
  • Complicated Communication: Talking About Pain
    If you live with chronic pain, you may relate to the message conveyed by this image. I know I do. The experience of having the severity of your pain doubted is not unique to people with chronic pain; it happens to people experiencing acute pain too.  For example, people with acute back pain may be... Read More
  • Supporting Someone with Chronic Pain
      If someone you care about has been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, you may find yourself wondering how to provide support.  Here are some ideas to consider.   Are You Listening? The box of words above contains statements, phrases and expressions that are commonly directed at people with chronic conditions, especially those “invisible... Read More
  • Learn about your condition
    Many people have never heard of the invisible illnesses.  Learn more with this article series.
  • Untitled
    At a time when opiate use is being questioned as a symptom management tool for chronic pain, Dr. Abaci opens his new book with the challenging (exciting) thought that medications of any sort are not the key to living successfully with chronic pain. Dr. Peter Abaci is a certified anesthesia and pain management specialist and... Read More