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  • May Update
    So, it’s gonna be May! (bonus points for who gets that throwback). 2016, so far has been an interesting one! I had made some big decisions in 2015, and was uncertain about what direction life would take me. I try … Continue reading →
  • 40 Days
    Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. The traditional, or rather most common method of observing this religious period is by fasting, or “giving up” something that they consider a vice. Over the years, this has become somewhat … Continue reading →
  • Anatomy in Motion
    For the past week, I immersed myself in learning about human motion, gait, and biomechanics. Anatomy in Motion, with amazing individuals Gary Ward and Chris Srithraran, changed the way I looked, both at myself, and other individuals, with respect to … Continue reading →
  • Balance
    In The past few months, I have been burning the candle at both ends. Work commitments have me either running around the city, or glued in front of a computer screen. It wasn’t so bad in the winter time, but … Continue reading →
  • Don’t be “THAT” guy.
    This weekend, I was taking a course. It was a very well run, very professional, very informative, and educational. The instructors were funny, had great practical stories, and really facilitated the learning process. The only thing that marred the experience … Continue reading →
  • Missing a Key Player?
    Good reasons why a well-chosen chiropractor may be a necessary addition to your primary healthcare team: READ ARTICLE Neck and low back pain are leading causes of morbidity and health care utilization, as well as one of the leading reasons … Continue reading →
  • The Winter Blahs
    This is a bit of a more personal post, and vastly different from the material I usually write about but I felt like sharing as I’m sure many people are feeling the same, and it is important to discuss issues … Continue reading →
  • Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas, everyone! Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and happiness and good health in 2014!
  • Simple Yet Effective Message
    When New Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner…
  • Fat and Fit? Totally Possible.
    I have been saying this for years now. READ ARTICLE Not everyone can lose weight, but everyone can be fit!! I feel like so many people work out for aesthetics rather than to exercise for performance and function (for daily … Continue reading →