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Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Centuries later, Michael Pollan said “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

These quotes demonstrate that the foundation for excellent health has not changed much through time – it is still very much rooted in our diets. These delicious recipes will entice you to improve your health through the power of nutrition and the pleasure of good food.

Here are the latest additions to our Recipes Index:

  • Demystifying Popular Diets
    The internet is a great source of information but unfortunately not all of the information is of good quality, and this is especially true regarding diets, nutrition and health.  As a result, many people are confused about diets: low carb, low fat, high protein, Keto, Paleo and so on.  Here are some typical questions: What... Read More
  • How Butter Chicken Sauce Helped My Fibro Symptoms
    My fibromyalgia has been more active this year than in the past, especially over the last two months.  Weather has been the main trigger, not only for me but also for my mother, who has fibromyalgia too – it’s common on her side of the family. About two weeks ago, I was feeling very sorry... Read More
  • Miracles are possible; hope makes them so.
    Out of difficulties grow miracles. – Jean de la Bruyere

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