How do I know if I’m a good candidate for natural healthcare?

Anyone can benefit from natural healthcare, but those who benefit most are: frustrated with the conventional model for healthcare interested in reducing or avoiding dependence on medication struggling with chronic health concerns that haven’t responded well to conventional treatment seeking ways to improve all facets of their health The most important thing about people who…

Health and Happiness

Happy people live better, longer.  Happiness doesn’t just happen – it can be created on purpose.  Learn more from this article series:  

Health Essentials

Health doesn’t just happen – you create it with the choices you make every day.  Learn more from this article series:

Managing Stress

Stress is unavoidable.  How it impacts your health is a reflection of how well you proactively manage it.  Learn more from this article series:  

Tummy Troubles

Healthy digestion is central to comfort and wellness.  Learn more from this article series:

7 Keys to Living Successfully With Chronic Conditions

Roughly half of the people around you are living with chronic illnesses.  Perhaps you are one of them.             Like everything else in life, you can choose to suffer with your condition, or you can learn to live with it gracefully.  I say “choose” because your attitude about your condition…

Hormonal Balance for Men

I have received several questions from men asking about how to increase or boost testosterone levels or lower estrogen, and this concerns me because many people don’t understand that this could actually be harmful. Good sexual health is the result of good health, overall. The human body produces approximately 50 hormones which engage with one…

Burnout or Balance? It’s Your Choice

Sometimes burnout charges into your life; sometimes it sneaks up on you. Serious burnout results from the interplay of circumstances and personality.  Circumstances such as your job, financial and relationship stresses.  Personality factors such as ambition/drive, altruism, and degree of comfort in setting boundaries. Your health plays a role too, especially if you are dealing…

Vaccines and Homeopathy, Redux

Carly Weeks, a columnist for the Globe and Mail, wrote an article about how nosode use in place of vaccines is compromising public health and I wrote a commentary in response.  A recent outbreak of measles has triggered the re-emergence of the discussion, and Weeks has now written another article blaming the decisions some people…

Too Much Of A Good Thing – A Fruit “Overdose”

How much fruit is too much?  For example, is it unhealthy to eat 4-5 pieces of fruit a day all at the same time, as an afternoon snack? The accurate, but unsatisfying, answer to this question is “It depends”.

The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

One thing that makes naturopathic medicine different from other forms of health care is that it is guided by a set of principles. NDs believe these principles are important because they create a strong philosophy regarding illness, healing and continued good health. A Distinct System Of Care The application of these principles, listed below, ensure…

Good Hydrations Part 1

Hydration: How Much Water Is Enough? This is the first in a series of two articles discussing the importance of water. This article focuses on how important the right quantity of water is; the next will focus on the importance of water quality.We’ve all heard the advice to drink at least 8 glasses of water…